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"evocative Clear Light ... this piece had a hovering, searching quality"
- Alexis Alrich, South China Morning Post

Clear Light



for orchestra  (13')

[2 (II doubles picc.).2 (II doubles cor A).2 (II doubles bass cl.).2 / / timp with sus. cymbal, crotales and 3 triangles / strings]

Clear Light reflects the state of luminous clarity of mind, which is a process of awareness of the natural state of unobstructed consciousness.  The piece begins with tranquil ostinato supporting the linear melodic fragments. The transparent quality of the sound is often obstructed by a darker and cloudy sonority, which dominates the middle vigorous section. The music later dissolves into stillness and emptiness.


The piece was commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.


It was premiered at the Hong Kong Arts Festival by Hong Kong Sinfonietta, conducted by Wing-sie Yip at Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall on 28 March 2015, 8:00pm.

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