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Images, Colours



for piano  (9')

I. Dance of Flowing Streams (2012) 2'00"

II. Song of Crystal Light (2010) 3'00"

III. Splashes of Colour (2013) 3'30"  

The Images, Colours collection was dedicated to and written for pianist Mary Wu between 2010 and 2013.  


It contains three short movements: Dance of Flowing Streams, Song of Crystal Light, and Splashes of Colour. Dance of Flowing Streams is characterised by its fast and perpetual motion reaching towards Song of Crystal Light, which is, in contrast, simple, clear and transparent in character, capturing an idea of the reflection of light through a crystal. The concluding energetic and exuberant movement Splashes of Colour shows more pianistic virtuosity. 

Images, Colours was commissioned by Mary Wu with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.





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