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Reflections on Arirang



for clarinet, violin and piano  (10')

Reflections on Arirang makes use of fragments of several Arirang folk tunes as the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic basis of the piece. The piece aims at reflecting the composer’s impressions of the Arirang folk tunes.


This piece was dedicated to the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and was commissioned by Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation for "Arirang, the New Waves" concert on 10 December 2013, Hong Kong Jockey Club Ampitheatre, HKAPA. The piece was premiered by Leung Chi-shing (clarinet), Euna Kim(violin) and Rod Yu (piano).

The above recording was the performance at ISCM WMD 2016 at Tongyeong Concert Hall, South Korea. Performers: Chi-shing Leung (clarinet), Euna Kim (violin) and Linda Yim (piano)

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