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Orchestra (2'30)

[ / / timp / 2 perc / harp / strings]

The fiery music pays homage to Beethoven’s Egmont Overture (1810). Beethoven set music to Goethe’s drama on the 16th century general Lamoraal, Count of Egmont of the Netherlands, who was remembered for his fighting for freedom under the Spanish oppression.  Blaze makes use of a short motif from Beethoven’s work, of which the original version is played by the oboes in the calm middle section. 

The piece was commissioned by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

這首火熱的音樂向貝多芬的《艾格蒙序曲》(1810) 致敬。貝多芬為歌德的劇作《艾格蒙》譜曲,該劇講述16世紀荷蘭人艾格蒙伯爵在西班牙統治的壓迫下為自由而戰,被人們銘記的故事。《燃》利用了貝多芬作品中的一個簡短主題作為素材,此主題的原裝版本在樂曲中間平靜的部分由雙簧管演奏。


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