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City Impressions


for clarinet, viola and piano (45')

I collaborated with photographer David Clarke and the Western District music ensemble in this project. The nine pieces written for City Impressions were inspired by David Clarke’s selected photographs of Hong Kong from 2004 to 2015. Growing up in Hong Kong, I find the places in the photographs extremely familiar, yet Clarke’s poetic photography opened a new journey for me to revisit the places emotionally, musically and sonically. The pieces are linked by pre-recorded soundscapes of collaged ambient sounds related to the places in the photographs.   

All the pieces were written for the combination of clarinet, viola and piano, all were commissioned by the Western District music ensemble in 2015 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.​


1.  Pacific Place. 14 October 2004
     (for clarinet, viola and piano)

2.  Tram Stop, Des Voeux Road, Central. 16 October 2004
     (for clarinet and viola)

3.  Street Scene, Des Voeux Road, Central. 14 October 2004
     (for clarinet, viola and piano)

4.  Victoria Harbour, With View of Container Terminal. 13 June 2005
     (for bass clarinet, viola and piano)

5.  Old Posters, Near Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island. 17 October 2004
     (for piano)

6.  Cultural Centre at Night, Tsim Sha Tsui. 17 September 2015
     (for clarinet, viola and piano)

7.  Queen’s Road East, Wanchai. 14 July 2007
     (for clarinet, viola and piano)

8.  Hotels above Pacific Place. 28 May 2005
     (for bass clarinet)

9.  Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Closed to Traffic. 29 September 2014
     (for clarinet, viola and piano)​

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