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for percussion quartet (10')

The words “pulses” and “impulse” suggest a variety of meanings such as the “rhythmical throbbing of the arteries,” “musical beats,” “momentum,” and a “sudden strong urge.” This piece was written for a dancer and four percussionists, playing two marimbas, bongos, tom-toms and woodblocks. It was commissioned by Toolbox Percussion in 2017 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund. 

《脈動》包含「脈搏」、「節拍」、「衝力」和「衝動」等多個意思。本作品為舞者和敲擊四重奏而寫。敲擊樂器包括兩台馬林巴琴、邦哥鼓、筒鼓及響木。“此作品於2017 年由敲擊襄委約,費用由香港作曲家及作詞家協會轄下的「 CASH音樂基金」贊助。

The score is available for purchase at BabelScore.

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