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Joyce Wai-chung Tang


About me

Joyce Wai-chung Tang’s works have been described by Ablaze Records as “incisive and brilliant … a fresh compositional voice,” and have been premiered and performed worldwide. Her works span orchestral, chamber, solo, vocal, choral, electro-acoustic, and theatrical genres...


Recent Projects & Performances


Transit, Transcend 《渡.越》 (2019)

for solo sheng and plucked string ensemble 

commissioned by Hong Kong Plucked String Chinese Orchestra



Curator, Flux 《觀漁聽港》(2019)*

a 30-minute sound performance in response to Luis Chan's painting, Santa Claus Visiting My Studio, at the Hong Kong Museum of Art on 14 December 2019, 5:00pm & 6:00pm

programme included:

Converge by Niko Hui  (sheng, zheng, trumpet, horn and percussion)  

Jau(4) by Rita Yung (sheng and live electronics)

Surge Dance by Fish Yu (sheng, zheng, trumpet, horn, percussion and live electronics) 

Floating Recollections by Joyce Tang (2 horns)

Terr(hum)or by Tim Chan (sheng, zheng, 2 horns, percussion and pre-recorded sounds)

Four Floating Soundscapes by Joyce Tang for Yu Wing Yan's animation

*world premiere

Flow Like Water《若水》(2019)*

for percussion, horn and yoga

 premiered and performed in Sha Lo Wan Village, Lantau on 1, 2, 9, 10 November 2019

*world premiere; commissioned by AFTEC

Blaze《燃》 (2019)*

for orchestra 

premiered by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 1 & 2 November 2019

*world premiere; commissioned by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Moon Shadow 《月影》 (2019)*

for pipa and piano

premiered by Zhang Ying and Linda Yim at City Hall Theatre, Hong Kong on 1 September 2019

*world premiere; commissioned by Linda Yim and Zhang Ying


Images, Colours (2010-13)

for piano solo

performed by Mary Mei Loc Wu in San Ya, China on 21 July 2019

(Im)pulses (2017)

for percussion quartet 

received its US premiere by ToolBox Percussion at the San Francisco International Arts Festival at Cowell Theatre, San Francisco, CA, USA on 1 June 2019

in time of daffodils (2016)

for orchestra and choirs 

received its US premiere by Oklahoma Composer's Orchestra and Choir in Oklahoma City, USA on 23 May 2019

Silver Lining (2019)*

for symphonic winds 

premiered by the Shinywinds at Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Hong Kong on 13 April 2019

*world premiere; commissioned by Shinywinds

Reflections on Arirang (2013)

for clarinet, violin and piano 

was selected, from 430 submissions, for performance by The Chicago Ensemble's "Discover America IX" Competition in 2017. It was performed at PianoForte, Chicago, USA on 2 February 2019

Dance of Flowing Streams and Song of Crystal Light (2010-13)

for piano 

performed by Linda Yim in "Cellular Dynamics" collaborating with bioscientist Dan Lloyd's projections  at JC Cube Auditorium, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong on January 19-20, 2019

Sounds of Disappearance (2018)

for horn/didgeridoo, percussion, toy piano and pre-recorded soundscape 

performed at the Freespace Happening at the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong on 9 February 2019


Sounds of Disappearance (2018)*

for horn/didgeridoo, percussion, toy piano and pre-recorded soundscape 

premiered in Sha Lo Wan village, Lantau, Hong Kong on 3, 4, 10 and 11 November 2018

*world premiere; commissioned by AFTEC

The Revenge of Orphan Zhao (2018)*

music for theatre; directed by Vicki Ooi and Oscar Fung

performed at Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong on 30 November, 1 and 2 December 2018

Soundscape Gloucester Road (2016/18)

for fixed media

selected by the Contemporary Musiking to be included in the "Hong Kong Mixtape" 2018 Overseas Broadcast on radio stations in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K in July 2018

Kinetic Metallics (2018)*

for prepared vibraphone 

premiered by Matthew Lau at Black Box, Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong on 29 June 2018

*world premiere; commissioned by Matthew Lau

Images, Colours (2010-13)

for piano 

performed by Evelyn Chang at "Beyond Impressionism" concert at the 46th Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall on 17 March 2018



Snowy Landscape (for piano trio), on Novana Records, is available for purchase at itunes.

Quickwilver Swirls (for orchestra), on Ablaze Records, is available for purchase at itunes.

Aurora (for chamber ensemble), on Ablaze Records, is available for purchase at itunes.


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Double Exposure 《疊影》 (2020)

for double string quartet

commissioned by Cong Quartet and Romer String Quartet 


Music for theatre A Tale of Two Cities (2020)

commissioned by AFTEC

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