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Joyce Wai-chung Tang


About me

Joyce Wai-chung Tang is a Hong Kong based composer. Her works  have been premiered and performed worldwide. Her works span orchestral, chamber, solo, vocal, choral, electro-acoustic, and theatrical genres.


Music for radio drama A Tale of Two Cities (2020)

commissioned by AFTEC

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Recent Projects & Performances

Since When? 從什麼時候開始 (2020)

released on Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3, WKCDA


Since When? 從什麼時候開始 

for voice, piano, cello and percussion

Lyrics by Chow Yiu Fai

on Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3, WKCDA

Voice: Yoyo Sham

Piano: Linda Yim

Cello: Chor Kai Hei

Percussion: Matthew Lau

Snowy Landscape (for piano trio), on Novana Records

Piano: Lucie Kaucká

Violin: Vit Muzík

Cello: Jiří Fajkus

Quicksilver Swirls (for orchestra), on Ablaze Records

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Mikel Toms

Aurora (for chamber ensemble), on Ablaze Records

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Conductor: John Winzenburg


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Snowy Landscape was performed by Trio Gaia in the 
Opus Illuminate online concert series on 30 October 2020

Double Exposure 《疊影》 (2020)

for double string quartet

commissioned by Cong Quartet and Romer String Quartet 


Transit, Transcend 《渡.越》 (2019)

for solo sheng and plucked string ensemble 

commissioned by Hong Kong Plucked String Chinese Orchestra


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